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I hate this so much. RANT. RANT. RANT. RANT.


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((You’ve said everything I’ve ever wanted to say!))

(Oh crap! It’s The Mun trying to be a model! :D )
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((I found almost every Die ever.))

((>Slowly raises hand to emetophobia))

((ah crap…*hates spiders*))

TMI Tuesday! Ask me anything personal and I'll come clean!

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O-oh…hello sirs…

> You greet both, but you feel very intimidated by the taller. You shrink back a little because of it.

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If I saw you right now I would:
[] Hug you.
[] Talk to you.
[] Jump on you.
[] Kiss you.
[] Ignore you.
[] Smile at you.

If we were walking along somewhere I would:
[] Hold your hand.
[] Push you in a Bush.
[] Trip you up.
[] Talk to you.
[] Ignore you.
[] Kiss you.

If we were on a sinking ship I would:
{} Tell you I love you.
{} Tell you I hate you.
{} Kiss you.
{} Hug you.
{} Punch you.
{} Use you as a raft. 
{} Try to save your life.

If I woke up next to you I would:
{} Scream.
{} Kiss you.
{} Slap you.
{} Go back to sleep.
{} Cuddle you.
{} Get closer to you.
{} Be VERY confused.

I think you are:
[] Ew.
[] Okayy.
[] Cute.
[] Pretty.
[] Beautiful.
[] Handsome.

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> You curtsy

Hello sir.